Lawn cutting Guildford, Godalming

5 Steps to Perfect Lawn

We all want the perfect lawn, green without weeds¬†and moss. There shouldn’t be any dips, molehills, humps or bare patches.


Mix weed and lawn feed and sprinkle the whole lawn, the best time to feed your lawn is in the spring.


To keep your lawn green feed it during the growing season.


You should water your lawn regularly but don’t over do it. There is no need to water it when it’s rained otherwise it could get bogged.


Using an edging iron tidy lawn edges, again the best time for this is in the spring. If you have curved edges lay a piece of hosepipe on the ground as a guide to where to cut.


To avoid compacting the soil and making the grass lean you should mow your lawn in varying patterns.


Lawn maintenance will help you get the most out of your lawn and it will bring all the elements of your garden together.

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