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There are various types of fencing - wooden or concrete fencing or different designs and sizes. Fences are important for your privacy but if the height is extended they can also provide extra privacy by adding plants and climbing scrubs. Quality and stylish fencing and trellising can easily transform your garden. The most popular type is wooden fencing because it looks stylish and is affordable. Whether you need replacing fence panels, securing fencing, fence repairs, installing fencing or painting your fence get in touch with your fencing contractors in Guildford, Godalming and Woking area - Fix It Surrey.

We can source the perfect fence panels and install them at your convenience. Fixing your leaning fence or rotten fence post is time consuming and requires the right tools. Tools and skills that we offer to our customers in need of fence repairs in Surrey that want to get the job done fast yet still benefit from high quality work. Your fence can be installed with timber or concrete gravel boards to prevent direct contact between your fence and wet earth. This helps prevent moisture damage to your wooden fence panels.

It's not only fence repair and installation we can help you with. Call us if you need emergency fence repair, fence painting service or fence power washing.

Fixing concrete and timber fence posts

Installing fence posts and panels may seem like a straightforward job but there are critical steps you need to take if you want to do it yourself. After choosing your fence panels you need to choose the type of fence post you will use to mount them to. Not sure you have the time and skill to install or fix fence posts? Call us today to arrange a visit from our fencing expert.

Concrete fence posts will never rot or degrade and if they are well set then they will last for years. To maximise your fence built with concrete fence posts it's recommended to also use concrete gravel boards.

Timber fence posts are affordable but will not last as long as concrete and could start rotting in the ground.

Fixing and replacing fence panels

Wooden fences are vulnerable to water exposure that can lead to rotten fence that could fall apart. Strong winds and storms can easily damage wooden fence panels too. The sun can dry the wood and cause cracks and weakening and fading colours if not maintained. Bracing or replacing the damaged fence panels is the solution. Whatever your situation is our fencing contractors will asses what needs to be fixed or replaced and suggest the most cost-efficient solution.

Metal fences are resistant to wind and sun damage but rain and ground water can cause the metal to rust and become brittle over time. If your metal fences are not maintained it can be very tricky to stop the rust or fully get rid of it. Let us assess your metal fences and work with you to find the best solution.

Reinforcing fence posts

Having a wobbly or leaning fence post needs fixing because it's just a matter of time when it will fall over and could cause an accident. Although reinforcing a weak fence post isn't difficult you need specific tools and skills to do it yourself starting with assessment of damage below the surface.

Depending on how many fence posts you need reinforced or fixed it may be cheaper to replace them all rather than fixing them. Don't worry, our experienced fencing contractors will let you know what the best option is.

Fence painting service

Since investing into your fence installation you want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. You don't want to spend money repairing it over and over or having to buy new fence panels or posts few months after installation. Regular maintenance is the key to prolonging the life of your fence. You should treat your fence 2 - 3 times a year to seal and protect it from the weather.

You can opt for our fence staining service, varnish or oils and if you are after some colourful fence then fence painting service is what you need.

Although metal fences are lower maintenance than wooden fences you would need to remove any rust, re-prime and then re-coat the metal fence to keep up the maintenance.

Emergency fence repair

Fence blown over during high winds or storm? Need to fix a broken fence fast? Let's get your fence fixed as soon as possible.

Clean and tidy garden

Our fencing contractors keep your garden tidy and clean and clean up after themselves during and after work.

On time, on budget delivery

We take every step to deliver fence installation and repairs on time and on budget, even helping to source material.

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