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How to Prepare Walls and Ceiling for Painting

Preparing your walls and ceiling for painting and decorating is essential for great results and professional look. Getting the room ready will also help avoid any damage to furniture or carpets.

Before you start painting make sure walls and ceilings are dust free, smooth and completely dry.


Walls and ceiling that’s in good condition, you just want to change the colour can be washed down with sugar soap and water. By washing you’ll remove dust and grease which helps the new coat of paint to adhere to the wall. Walls and ceilings must be completely dry before painting.

Filling cracks

Cracks usually appear in corners, around windows or between the wall and the skirting. Check all the walls and fill in any cracks.


Use masking or decorator tape to tape around skirting, windows, door frames, light switches and plug sockets. You will avoid splashing paint on it and if you do it can be easily cleaned off using a sponge.


If your walls is not perfect and there are lumps or bumps you should sand it down. Once you paint over un-sanded imperfections you will only enhance them and your hard work will go to waste. Create a smooth wall using a fine grade paper so the wall is ready for painting. To remove dust after sanding use a brush; for even better finish rub down with a damp cloth.

Then you are ready to paint. If you are not DIY person you can search for your local painter and decorator.

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