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Seven Summer Jobs To Do In The Garden

Now is the time to be really enjoying your garden. Your garden can be used as another room and space throughout the summer, providing the weather allows it! Here are the top jobs to do in your garden to ensure it’s in tip-top condition.

1.    Maintain the lawn

Your grass is going to have a growth spurt during the summer months, so make sure you keep it maintained and looking great. Keep on top of the mowing, perhaps mowing it every other week to keep it neat. If you haven’t given your lawn a mow for a while and it’s grown longer, start off with a long mow cut so that the grass doesn’t dry out and go brown. Then a week later give it another cut to level it down more. Always dig up weeds in your lawn because if they are left, they will self-seed and get worse the following year.

It’s also important to feed your lawn at this time of year and to add any grass seed to bare patches. Keep your lawn well-watered in dry periods to avoid it scorching and turning brown.

2.    Tackle weeds

As well as flowers, plants and the lawn, weeds will also grow in abundance during summer. Make sure you that you keep on top of your weeding as they can constrict flowers and plants and stop them from growing and flowering fully. You can use a hoe to get rid of smaller weeds in beds and borders. If you are using weed killer, use is sparingly and with care and use a bio-degradable weed killer that is nature-friendly and won’t harm pets.

3.    Clean patios, paths and decking

Give your patios, paths and decking a good clean and scrub as they will be used a lot during the summer months. Buy a proper patio or decking cleaner to clean surfaces and to get rid of algae, moss and the dirt that would have built up during the past year. The best tool to use for this job is a pressure washer that will have a special attachment for cleaning decks and patios. Often weeds and small plants will start to shoot up between cracks in patios and decking, so use a weed killer carefully to get rid of the weeds. When the surface has been cleaned you will be surprised at how clear and tidy your garden will look.

4.    Deadhead and feed flowers

The first flush of flowers will have taken place for many bedding and container plants, so deadhead all of the dead flowers to make your flower plants last longer and encourage second blooms. Now is the time to give them a good feed too in time for the second bloom of flowers. Keep your flowers and shrubs fed throughout the flowering season, usually every 3-4 weeks is enough, however check the instructions on your plant food.

5.    Plant hanging baskets and containers

If your garden is looking a bit bare or you haven’t had the time to plant new plants in the borders and beds, it’s easy and quick to plant up hanging baskets and containers to use around the garden, patio and decking areas. Buy trailing plants, flowers and foliage such as ivy for your baskets and depending on the size of the containers, you can plant all types of blooms, shrubs and grasses to quickly fill up your garden. Many garden centres will have excellent plants at this time of year that are ideal for containers and baskets, and it is simple and quick to plant them yourself.

6.    Clean outdoor furniture

Summers are the time for outdoor eating, relaxation and entertaining. Make sure all of your outdoor furniture is clean, scrubbed and free of dirt and dust. If you have wooden furniture, give them a makeover and feed them with furniture oil which will feed and protect the wood against the weather and sun. Ideally, cover them with tarpaulin covers to protect them when not in use.

7.    Service the barbeque

Summer is when barbeques are lit and tasty food is made to be eaten al fresco in the garden. Give your barbeque and barbeque tools a good clean and scrub and get it ready for summer. Stock up on your barbeque coals and kindling so that you don’t have to go searching for them when the sun comes out.

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