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The Best Choice of Flowers for a Garden, Blooming in the Spring

People, who love flowers, are often dreaming to have their own perfect garden at some point of their life. No matter what season a person will choose to start the making of its garden, there are many pretty flowers to pick up from and be happy with your efforts.
If the first question is whether to seed annual or perennial plants, the things always are on the side of the second ones. People though often make the wrong choice and buy annuals, because some of them are very beautiful and can easily become somebody’s favorite.
When you are of the conventional type of person and want to make practical choice, you will probably buy only perennial flowers and will put them in your garden.

We can never choose the perfect time for starting our own garden. It is mostly a matter of finances and time. But when you have started this initiative in the spring, it means that you have made the best choice, because you have the whole winter for the basic growing and all the other seasons to enjoy the blooming flowers in your garden.

Before you start any work on the garden, be sure that you have put the flowers just in the beginning of the fall.
The colors of the blooming spring flowers are brilliant and look like jewelry.

The firs member of an spring garden can be the so-called New York Asters. They will surely look familiar to anybody, but still even the most popular and simple flower has something special about it. They are very common for North America and that is actually the area, they are native from. Canada is also their homeland. They can be very nice spring or late summer flowers and will add pink, purple and white shades to your garden. When you are looking for a place to put them, try to save the sunniest one for the asters.

The conditions for their growing have to be close to perfect due to the fact that the fungal conditions are very dangerous for this flower and may leave you very disappointed, if your asters lose their health with no obvious reason.
Caryopteris or otherwise called blue mist shrubs are very beautiful plants both for admiration and for growing. Unlikely the previously mentioned asters, they require absolutely no special care and conditions to live and grow. They are of the woody perennials and are in the shape of a small low mound. It will not be fatal if you have forgotten to water your garden for several days. Maybe the other flowers will get dry, but the Caryopteris will be ok. They are called mist due to the fact that their flowers are small and in very pleasant purple and blue shades, and from far they look like fresh morning mist.

The mums are another members of the spring flowers group. They are often one of the most significant marks of the coming fall. There are more than thirty different species of them known now in the world, but no matter which of them you choose to put in your garden, it will be great floral choice. They only need to be watered regularly and when the weather becomes very cold and everything is freezing they have to be mulched immediately.
A curious fact to know is that this flowers is very loved in the eastern world and especially in China and Japan. It has significant place in the so-called Double Ninth Festival, which is held in China. It starts usually in the ninth month of the Chinese calendar.

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